Hey gang.

Here’s the new demo for Starlight Adventure CXVIII (non-RTP for the moment).
Download it here. And here’s the updated changelog:

  • Lengthened demo to go to end of Sabranth Castle
  • Edited intro scene, several cutscenes
  • Finished first Warp Zone
  • Changed enemy stats to have higher HP
  • Lamia boss is now harder, and weak to Fire
  • Changed some skill names, altered classes, class names
  • Edited item descriptions, changed weapon icons
  • Changed main battle music (I like the new music a LOT better now)
  • Fixed typos
  • Changed treasure chest items in Snowsha Tower
  • Fixed map passabilites
  • Other general fixes

Also, I updated the “Projects” page. Check it out here.
I mainly did it out of boredom. And finally, news from other lands and random stuff.

Noob deleted his RPG Maker Rage Comic blog. It made me very sad face. 😥
Yanfly is taking a break from scripting. Rest easy!
Luchino-Chan is using panel-based images for some of her cutscenes. Very nice, Luchi!
Erangot needs some moolah for college. Help her out. I know I certainly will in the near future!
CrimsonItsuki introduced me to a new anime. It’s called Rosario+Vampire, and it’s amazing. Watch it nao! :3

That’s all for now. Enjoy the game and gimme your feedback! :3