Hey gang. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?
Anyway, I got lotsa new stuff to share!

First off, I’m in a bit of a pickle, and I need you guys to help me.
I’ve been thinking of adding a “Donation” button to the right. With the donations, it’ll
help me get a better experience for Starlight Adventure CXVIII, and another group project.
What do you guys think?

Second, as you can tell by the title, I’ve been on spring break for the past week.
Trust me, it was a well needed break. All I’ve been doing is sleeping, playing vidya gaems, and RM’ing.
Oh, and I saw The Hunger Games, which has to be the best movie to come out this year. So far, at least.

So with a full week off, that means I’ve done a lot of work on SACXVIII, right?
Well…no. I’m basically at the same place that I was a week ago: mapping and finishing a cutscene.
BUT. I have been working on another game.

Since last year, I’ve decided to try to make and finish one game during spring break.
Last year, I made a platformer called Jump It!, and it got a decent amount of attention and downloads.
This year, I went on RMN and saw there was a contest to get a free english copy of Ace, which I
desperately need. So, for the contest, I created a little game called
The Legend of Ace: Trial Adventure.

It’s still not complete: I’ve got a bit more to do before I can sumbit it (the deadline is later today, I believe),
so I really gotta get crackin’ on it. Thankfully, the contest is open-ended, and the game
doesn’t have to be FULLY complete. Anyway, here’s some screens of it:

Finally,  KasierKami and NicoB are doing their own (seperate) “let’s play”‘s of Starlight Adventure CXVIII.
It’s a good chance to get feedback from them, especially from Nico since I’ve seen some of his videos,
and he always has (mostly) legit critiscms.

Anyway, that’s enough of my news. Now some stuff from other lands:

  • Infamous Bon Bon makes some awesome icons I may use in the future.
  • Yanfly posts some were-cows. Do want.
  • EvilEagles makes some more side-view battlers. Lookin’ good, Evil!
  • Archeia_Nessiah makes a tutorial on bust shots and shiz. Seems like it’ll help a few people out!
  • I recently beat Blinx 2, an awesome, yet obscure Xbox game, and purchase Pikmin!

That’s all for now! ‘Till next time, later gang.