Made for the 2012 Summer Fun Contest on RPG Maker Web.

~Super Summer Dash~

Download HERE!


[spoiler]Two college kids, named Chase and Jenny, are visiting Avvy Beach (subtle, right?)

for the summer. While relaxing on the beach, they come across a man named DJ Zeke,

who announces the 14th annual Avvy Beach Obstacle Dash is starting, and the grand prize



Hungry for money, Chase enters the contest, and hopes he won’t get horribly pummeled…[/spoiler]



There are three stages you have to complete, each one being harder than the last.

It will involve skill, timing, jumping, and possibly a lot of dying. Basically, it’s quite difficult.

also dere iz saving hurr



Posted Image

A rest before one of the stages.

Posted Image

A section of the first stage. Hints may sometimes appear to help you.

Posted Image

You finished a stage! At the end of every stage, you get a rank depending on how many times you failed (fell into the water).

Posted Image

The second stage, “Platform O’Rama”.

Posted Image

The third stage, “The Punisher”.



-Arrow keys to move.

-Hold shift to sprint.

-Press A to jump (one space).

-Press A while holding shift to jump even further (two spaces).



-The pixel movement can be somewhat spotty. When you fall into the water, take a few steps back

before you jump again, otherwise you will fall into the water again. Somewhat similar to real life. :P

-A normal jump gets you over one space. A shift jump (SHIFT+A) gets you over two spaces.

It’s somewhat obvious when you have to use a shift jump, so if you see two spaces, use a shift jump.


Download Link (Again): http://www.mediafire…7a35vnc4wdy63ga

Let me know of any bugs, and I hope you enjoy it! :D