The story is mainly a parody of RPG’s, and video games in general.

Beneath the world where the mortals roam lies
Grim Land, a place filled with immortal souls.
The ruler of Grim Land, is none other than the
Grim Reaper himself. However, he has a son of his own named Zeke, who is stubborn, lazy, and rebellious.

In the mortal world, four ‘heroes’ have decided to
destroy Grim Land by cutting off it’s connection with the Mortal World.

The souls of the mortals keep the people of Grim Land immortal. Without that connection,
the people of Grim Land will be become mortal, and die.

Naturually, this needs to be stopped.
However, Grim has too many priorities of his own.
So, he decides to send Zeke to save Grim Land.