A long time ago, an unknown being called Shadow rose up from the depths of the planet and
split it into six parts. He then sent out a purple darkness around the world. The darkness summoned
monsters to do Shadow’s bidding. Shadow’s monsters began killing countless people and destroying many villages.

Angels from above, called Kami sent their best warriors to combat this evil.
Much blood was shed. But eventually, after suffering many wounds, one brave knight was able
to defeat Shadow and seal him in an orb, called Solaris. The Solaris was hidden in a temple,
never to be seen again. The world was reconnected, and was at peace once more.

Enter a group of adventurers hundreds of years later.
Their ‘captain’, Amelia, sets course for a deserted island that is rumored to hold treasure.
Reluctantly, the group follows her command.

Little do they know they’re about to be sucked into a grand adventure.