Amy Valiaheart
Amy is a 21 year old girl that loves a good adventure.
She is very sarcastic, and has an immense sense of humor. However, she can often get angry
very quickly and very easily, so it’s best to stay out of her way when that happens.

Sera Simmons
Sera is a 23 year old girl that doesn’t like to smile too much.
She is very straight-forward with people, and can often be very rude.
She also hates Amy and Leo with a passion, and considers Elliot one of her only friends.

Leo Cattilia
Leo is a 22 year old guy who isn’t too bright.
He is very loud, and blurts things out without thinking.
However, he often gets a lot of dates because of his attractiveness, which angers Amy to a great extent.

Elliot Mole
Elliot is a 23 year old guy who is the Deadpan Snarker of the group.
He often says things under his breath, and is very sarcastic, even more so than Amy.

Amelia Dilannio
Amelia is a 26 year old woman who also isn’t too bright.
She loves to boss people around, and will do anything for money.
However, she isn’t very courageous and will try to avoid danger at all costs.

Anita Valiaheart
Anita is a 16 year old girl who is very sweet.
She’s Amy’s sister, and has the same purple hair as her. She tries to be as brave as she can,
but often relies on her sister for help.