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3/16/12 – New Demo Arrival

Hey gang.

Here’s the new demo for Starlight Adventure CXVIII (non-RTP for the moment).
Download it here. And here’s the updated changelog:

  • Lengthened demo to go to end of Sabranth Castle
  • Edited intro scene, several cutscenes
  • Finished first Warp Zone
  • Changed enemy stats to have higher HP
  • Lamia boss is now harder, and weak to Fire
  • Changed some skill names, altered classes, class names
  • Edited item descriptions, changed weapon icons
  • Changed main battle music (I like the new music a LOT better now)
  • Fixed typos
  • Changed treasure chest items in Snowsha Tower
  • Fixed map passabilites
  • Other general fixes

Also, I updated the “Projects” page. Check it out here.
I mainly did it out of boredom. And finally, news from other lands and random stuff.

Noob deleted his RPG Maker Rage Comic blog. It made me very sad face. 😥
Yanfly is taking a break from scripting. Rest easy!
Luchino-Chan is using panel-based images for some of her cutscenes. Very nice, Luchi!
Erangot needs some moolah for college. Help her out. I know I certainly will in the near future!
CrimsonItsuki introduced me to a new anime. It’s called Rosario+Vampire, and it’s amazing. Watch it nao! :3

That’s all for now. Enjoy the game and gimme your feedback! :3


Hey gang.

First, some news from other lands as usual:

A bit late, but EvilEagles released some awesome icons. Check ’em out!
Found a nice scripter named Pacman. Go over there and show some luv. 😉 I also love the backround.
Yami released the beta version of her Patching System.

Been learning how to code in Flash. I think it’s goin’ pretty well.
I’ve also been dabbling with sprites and stuff, and makin’ fake logos. If I consider them good enough,
I might make a logo shop…or something.

On to business, then. I’ve been replaying Final Fantasy XII, and it happens to be one of my favorite games too.
I’ve nearly finished a dungeon, when suddenly, a come upon “that one boss”. GOD, it’s infuriating!
I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it unless a grind a lot more.

Therefore, I consider it a learning experience. In fact, most games I consider to be a learning experience
to improve SACXVIII. So here’s what I’ve learned from XII:

  • Less of need to grind
  • No cheap bosses (one’s that constantly stun you, create clones of themselves, etc.)
  • All deads ends should have some kind of treasure chest or something
    (walking down a long path and not finding anything is infuriating)
  • Keep the story going when in dungeons; this is main reason the player response-free text
    is implented in the game.
  •  A save crystal before every boss (the boss I’m stuck at requires you to trek five minutes from the
    last save crystal to the boss, which is very tedious)
  • More puzzles in dungeons

Snowsha Tower (the first dungeon of the game) will only have small, easy sliding puzzles, simply acting as a noob cave.
Fort Evans (the second ‘dungeon’) will have next to no major puzzles.
Later dungeons will have many more challenging puzzles, however. Rest assured, all of them will have lots of treasure.

Now I have more bad and good game news. Let’s start with the good.
I started mapping Treasure Forest, an optional location in the game where (take a hint) treasure is plentiful.
However, it’s filled with hard enemies. Most of the database is completed, too, and I edited the intro slightly.
Now it shows the game logo after the scrolling text is gone.

But now, some bad news. The new demo will have to be delayed.
I’ve been way too busy for my own good. Our school musical had some rehearsal problems, and now we have
to work our butt off until late in the night. I still have to do a LOT of NPC’s, which is quite challenging seeing that
many of them have to some funny dialogue. Not to mention I only have a small supply of actual NPC sprites,
and generating new ones is very time consuming.

Anyway, new demo should be coming soon, maybe next weekend. Maybe.
Until then, peace out gang.

2/29/12 – Updated Demo Changelog

Hey guys.

I’m releasing an update of the alpha demo for SACXVIII. Here’s the changes that’ll be made to it:

Changelog 2/29/12:
-Lengthened demo to go to end of Sabranth Castle
-Added optional “Cliff Zevere” area
-Added the first Warp Zone in the Icelandia Region
-Removed “Party Combo” counter
-Fixed (found) typos
-Enhanced all enemy HP, and attack power slightly
-Added regenerating HP+MP, and option to turn it off as well
-Other general fixes
-Map enhancements 

Now news from other lands…
Yami is making a new patching system which should work out for every RMVXA dev (especially me)!
Noob made a comic that’s so true, it’s not even funny. Yet it is. Man, I so want to do a guest comic…
And finally, happy leap year! Fun fact: one of the teacher’s in my school turns 11 years old today.

Make of that what you will. Peace out, gang. 😉

2/25/12: RocketHub

You can donate money to the project if you’d like.
I’d really appreciate it if you could. Thanks guys.

2/22/12: Updates and Shiz

‘SUP DAWGS. First off, here’s some random news and stuff:

Noob made a comic explaining why many of my games never get finished.
And Yami finally released her CTB Standalone.  And finally, this blog still has no views. Forever alone, I guess…

Now, some game news! I finally decided on a title for the game, which is now
Starlight Adventure CXVIII! Kudos to the awesome broskis who helped me finalize it.

I’ve also come with some new screens! This time detailing the Warp Zones found in the game.

So, what are warp zones, you ask?
Basically, you find a purple crystal on the World Map, okay? And it takes you into a place called “Starlight”.

This particular warp zone isn’t finished yet, but you get the gist.
Each warp zone contains a puzzle that you have to solve in order to get to the treasure, which
is MacGuffin, called the “Starlight Stones”. What do they do, you ask? You’ll just have to find out soon…

Welp, that’s all for now. ‘Till next time, peace.

This, kids, is the reason a good amount of my games never get finished.

Hey guys.

Sorry I keep forgetting to update this thing.
I’ve been so busy with school, musical rehearsals, plus
I just got Oblivion and Perfect Dark Zero, plus I’ve been replaying
Final Fantasy VIII, FFXII, and Frequency.

Point is, I’ve been busy. It’s a three day weekend, so I should be able
to give you tons of info. Stay tuned later tonight. Thanks y’all.

What’s up, peeps?

It’s been, what, four months or something? Whatever.
The main point is that the blog is back updating.

I have a new game that should be premiring soon, and you’ll be hearing about it very soon.
It’s rather unique, in my opinion. Keep checkin’ this blog for updates!

‘Till next time, broskis.

11/12/11: Menu Shenanigans

Hey guys.

I’ve been tinkering around with some menu designs. What d’ya think?




























I’m personally leaning toward the second design.