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RPG Maker and Me

I love video games. I always have, and I always will.
But one genre that has consistently remained my favorite is the RPG.
Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest…all some of my favorite
series (and Dragon Quest VIII is my favorite game of all time, period).

When I was young, I aspired to be a writer. I actually wrote and finished
a (terrible) novel when I was in 5th grade, but I was never really that satisfied.
I decided (along with making short films) that I wanted to make video games. After a few months
of trying out various engines, I nearly gave up. Then, when
I was in 6th grade (about 2 and a half years ago), I found out about RPG Maker VX.

I downloaded the trial one night, and had an amazing experience with it.
I began to create my first game, titled Last Fantasy (original title, right?).
Behold, the masterpiece that was ‘finished’ in less than three weeks:


It was cliched, too easy, and overall a terrible game. But it was a very good learning experience.
Over the past few years, I’ve worked and completed several games. (I’ve finished nine of them)
Using RPG Maker has been a lot of fun for me. It’s very easy to use, especially considering
I’m not very good when it comes to code, and it’s still challenging to learn Ruby for me as well.

But all of that is just personal stuff. What does RPG Maker mean to me?
I think it allows people to fulfill their dreams when it comes to game making, and allow
newcomers to do that very easily. It is also good for serious developers who wants
to make a quality game in an efficient time. Without this engine, I don’t think I would
ever be able to actually be interested in studying game design, and doing what I love most.

RPG Maker hasn’t just allowed me to fulfill my dream. It’s also helped me socially.
I used to get bullied a lot, and when it got really bad, I could go into the engine and
just pour all my energy and feelings into that. It also got made a LOT of new friends,
after showing my games off in school and having everyone think I was the ‘coolest kid ever’.

This year (which is my freshman year of high school), I’m working on my first commercial game,
titled Starlight Adventure CXVIII, which is being made in RPG Maker VX Ace..


It’s been going through a huge revamp over the past few months, complete with new
gameplay systems, custom character artwork (thanks to one of my good friends), and
a lot more bonus content. I hope to have it released late 2012/early 2013,
and with hard work, and both my friends and the community’s support, I’m sure I’ll
be able to do just that.

Thank you, Enterbrain/Deciga for making, supporting, and translating this engine.
We all really appreciate it.

If you wanna use RPG Maker, click here to Make Your Own Game!


Extremely sorry for the amazing lack of updates.
Rest assured, development is going quite smoothly and I have loads of
changes to show to all of you (who’s still interested). 😛

Anyway, I’ve got one last week of school left, and after that expect more regular updates
on Starlight. Also, E3 is this week. Super hyped for the Wii U, 3DS, and Halo 4!
Oh, and more crappy Kinect games…I’m looking at YOU Kinect Star Wars! 
Expect me to post some stuff about E3 too this week.

‘Till next time, broskis~ 

Hey guys.

First off, sorry for the extreme lack of updates. I’ve been really busy with real life stuff.
However, a LOT of things have changed in the past month. I think I’ll save these
updates for a bigger blog post, but for now I leave you with THIS.

This is the Rockethub page for Starlight Adventure CXVIII.
In case you don’t know what it is, it’s a crowd-funding website, similar to Kickstarter.
If you guys could donate some money – any amount of money – it would
be really great, and would really help me out in developing this game. Plus, the page
itself may give a hint or two on what updates have gone on…

Anyway, stay tuned. Everything will be explained in further detail soon.
‘Till next time, I’m out.

Hey guys, sorry for the extreme lack of updates!
SACXVIII is going through a bit of an overhaul, so more will be revealed later.

For now, I’d like your opinion on something. If there was one thing you’d like changed
from the demo, what would it be? Please comment on this, thanks!

Also, NicoB is doing an LT of the demo. Last part is coming soon.

Finally, this Project Shadow I’ve been yappin’ about as of recent will
be finally revealed very shortly! So stay tuned folks! Oh, and the blog theme changed too. 

‘Till next time, gang.

4/8/12 – Happy Easter!

Hey gang. Short post today, since it’s quite late.

Liberty made an LP (let’s play) of my contest entry,
The Legend of Ace: Trial Adventure. Watch the full playlist here!
I love her narration, especially of Amy.

Second, I’m getting $1000+ to develop Starlight Adventure CXVIII and Project Shadow
in the next week, thanks to a fundraiser. The first thing I’m doing is buying a new laptop,
preferably one suited for gaming. That, and my current one is old and stubborn to use.
I will be using it on other stuff, which will be revealed later.

Anyway, that’s it for today! Happy Easter, everyone! 

Hey gang.

My RMN contest entry is now finished. Check it out here.
I barely finished in time. My laptop was being a total jerk and I had to do a lot of guessing
and button mashing.

Also, I made “TEH BESTEST TILESET EVIR” on the official RM forums. Check it out here.

Also, happy April’s Fools. Trust no one. (Except me, of course :3 )
Oh, and a donation button has been added. Feel free to donate any amount through any means. Thanks.

Hey gang.

Just a mini-post today. As you might’ve noticed, I edited many of the pages,
and added two separate pages (with child pages) for two of my major games.
Feel free to check ’em out.

Next, I’d highly recommend you guys avoid this place:
And go to this place instead:
iEntry, the people running the first forum is currently butthurt about people getting mad at them for
always having the site down, and getting tired of the ridiculous amounts of ads on the site.
So what did they do in response? iEntry banned many staff and REGULAR members,
demoted many others, and made it a bannable offense to link to the second forum.

And said second forum is the official forum for the RM series.
So yeah. I’m thinking of making a troll/revolution topic at Sure, I’ll get banned,
but I can always make a new account. I have my ways. I know it’s just a forum, but I learned
a lot on it, and had a lot of good memories.

Anyway, that’s it for now. SACXVIII news coming soon. And don’t worry, news from other lands
will be in the next blog post. I promise!
‘Till next time~ :3

Hey gang.

Some blog news. I added a new page called “Resources”. There’s not much now,
but more will be coming soon. Also, I’ll be adding a seperate page
(complete with child pages) for SACXVIII tomorrow. So wait for that.

Now some game news. I completely finished Fort Xenovagan, the second
dungeon of the game. You have to blow it up in the end. :3

 (This one is outdated. A tint and a treasure chest was added after the time this was taken.)

Anyway, it’s about 11 PM here, and I’m tired. An full post will be made tomorrow.
Until then, goodnight everyone! :3 

2/29/12 – Updated Demo Changelog

Hey guys.

I’m releasing an update of the alpha demo for SACXVIII. Here’s the changes that’ll be made to it:

Changelog 2/29/12:
-Lengthened demo to go to end of Sabranth Castle
-Added optional “Cliff Zevere” area
-Added the first Warp Zone in the Icelandia Region
-Removed “Party Combo” counter
-Fixed (found) typos
-Enhanced all enemy HP, and attack power slightly
-Added regenerating HP+MP, and option to turn it off as well
-Other general fixes
-Map enhancements 

Now news from other lands…
Yami is making a new patching system which should work out for every RMVXA dev (especially me)!
Noob made a comic that’s so true, it’s not even funny. Yet it is. Man, I so want to do a guest comic…
And finally, happy leap year! Fun fact: one of the teacher’s in my school turns 11 years old today.

Make of that what you will. Peace out, gang. 😉

2/25/12: RocketHub

You can donate money to the project if you’d like.
I’d really appreciate it if you could. Thanks guys.