Hey guys.

I’m releasing an update of the alpha demo for SACXVIII. Here’s the changes that’ll be made to it:

Changelog 2/29/12:
-Lengthened demo to go to end of Sabranth Castle
-Added optional “Cliff Zevere” area
-Added the first Warp Zone in the Icelandia Region
-Removed “Party Combo” counter
-Fixed (found) typos
-Enhanced all enemy HP, and attack power slightly
-Added regenerating HP+MP, and option to turn it off as well
-Other general fixes
-Map enhancements 

Now news from other lands…
Yami is making a new patching system which should work out for every RMVXA dev (especially me)!
Noob made a comic that’s so true, it’s not even funny. Yet it is. Man, I so want to do a guest comic…
And finally, happy leap year! Fun fact: one of the teacher’s in my school turns 11 years old today.

Make of that what you will. Peace out, gang. 😉